Traveling Home from Thanksgiving a Nightmare over Most of US

Traveling Home from Thanksgiving a Nightmare over Most of US

Holiday travelers can go home again but it will take far longer than expected with snow, ice and rain slowing the busiest US travel day of the Thanksgiving weekend Sunday, forecasters said.

As much as 6 ins of snow was expected to blanket the Greater Boston area Sunday into Monday, with less predicted for New York, changing to rain in both cities, said a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center.

Powerful winds were forecast for Chicago, along with snow showers, he said. “It’s certainly a messy travel day all around.”

Flights cancellations and delays were mounting throughout Sunday, most in airports in San Francisco, Newark, Boston and Chicago. By midday, more than 400 U.S. flights were canceled and more than 1,500 delayed, according to

Snow, ice and rain slickened roadways on what the American Automobile Association called the busiest travel day of the busiest U.S. holiday weekend, which this year put a record 55-M people in the air and on the roads, rails and waterways to make it to their Thanksgiving feast. The challenge now is to make it home.

Right now the real travel concerns start in the Upper Midwest, areas affected by heavy snowfall, even some ice.”

Already, close to 2.5 ft of snow has piled up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and up to 1 ft was reported in Minnesota, with snow still falling and additional accumulations expected, Michigan is already snow covered and was expecting another 8 ins

Drenching rains along the West Coast arrive Sunday ahead of a 2nd storm system forecast to remain along the California coast until Tuesday, dumping 4 ft or more of snow in the highest Sierra Mountains.

Have safe travels, patience is Key!

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