Travel News: Hanoi La Siesta Spa

Travel News:  Hanoi La Siesta Spa

Travel News: Hanoi La Siesta Spa

Welcome to Hanoi La Siesta Spa – The Secret of Relaxation!

With several years combined experience in the Vietnamese Spa industry, a skilled and knowledgeable spa management team have partnered with one of Hanoi’s leading boutique hotel chain of Elegance Hospitality. La Siesta Spa invite you to enjoy one or more of the luxurious and relaxing massage treatments. A variety of professional massage techniques will give you a chance to relax, help reduce stress while strengthening the circulatory system, and allow your senses and mind to feel refreshed and exhilarated.

Always anticipating changing trends, the Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group including the new Hanoi La Siesta brand are rightly proud of their achievements and influence on Hanoi’s hotel industry. And the team has come a very long way since the hotel family started.

In the early 2000s, Mr Do Van Dan, a hard-working, passionate and ambitious young man imagine running an outstanding hotel in Hanoi where guests would be assured of a memorable and luxurious experience, underpinned by great honest customer service.

Born into a working class family on the outskirts of Hanoi, Mr Dan discovered the hotel industry by accident. Before his hospitality career, his varied jobs included computer engineer and pesticide seller! But he never looked back after landing a receptionist job in a 4 star hotel in Hanoi. The next few years gave invaluable insight into hotel management, HR, guests’ expectations and customer service.

Taking the plunge in 2006 he opened his first Hanoi Elegance hotel. A small 10 room establishment with just 4 staff (who are still with the company today). At the time, Hanoi’s old quarter hotel industry was a competitive “jungle”. Quality, customer service and putting the guest first were not priorities for most hoteliers. Many just wanted to make money by any means possible.

Mr Dan rose above this. Determined that good customer service and high standards would define and differentiate his business, he laid the foundations of Hanoi’s boutique hotel industry. Every single detail was noticed and taken care of, guest satisfaction the top priority. Even though a mini hotel with basic facilities visitors to Hanoi loved it because of the genuinely friendly staff, superb service and the “guest comes first” vision. Of course those early days were very challenging. Mr Dan had minimal financial capital, limited investment, a very young team of people as well as trying to introduce a new concept into Hanoi’s competitive market. But what he and his staff had was a real passion for hospitality, an open-minded approach and an unfailing determination to succeed. They understood what changes were needed in Hanoi’s hotel industry. And they led the way. Working 20 hours a day 7 days a week they built the foundations of what would make the Hanoi Elegance brand stand apart from all others. Mr Dan travelled to the main cities in Vietnam as well as neighbouring countries researching into, and comparing, the different hospitality sectors.

His mantra “attention to detail and customer service” is now deeply ingrained into the thinking of his staff right from day one, and many of them are now experts in hospitality.

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