Traders and Investors: Super Foods for Mental Acuity

Traders and Investors: Super Foods for Mental Acuity

Traders and Investors: Super Foods for Mental Acuity

Once you are eating healthy in general (no processed foods, Organic, Mediterranean, Norwegian or Japanese diet) there are a number of Superfoods you can focus on that are known for their beneficial impact on mood and psychological well-being aka no anxiety.

While this list is long, but here are 5 suggestions sure to please most people’s palate. For even more suggestions as me on the comment’s section, as follows:

Wild Alaskan Salmon and other small, fatty fish such as anchovies and sardines are a great source of animal-based omega-3 fats necessary for mental health and optimal brain function (DHA and EPA are actually structural elements that make up your cells).

These fats also play a role in the regulation of brain chemicals such as dopamine, released in response to pleasurable experiences.

Studies have also confirmed claims that omega-3s reduce the risk of depression. Most recently, researchers concluded omega-3 deficiency may contribute to the development of mood disorders, and that supplementation may provide a new treatment option.

Foods high in tryptophan. Egg whites should not be eaten without the yolks (do not overcook them)contain the greatest amounts. Spirulina is 2nd. You can see this chart for the rest.

Spinach, Arugula and other folate-rich foods. B vitamins in general are important for psychological well-being, and a deficiency in either B6, folate (B9) or B12 are all capable of triggering psychiatric side effects, including depression. Most Organic leafy greens are a good source of folate. Aside from spinach, and arugula, other top sources include mussels, broccoli, asparagus and turnip greens. I like mussel and arugula best.

Organic Dark Chocolate. According to a 2009 study (conducted at the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland), eating 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of Dark Chocolate per day for 14 days, divided into 3 daily servings (morning, afternoon and night), reduced levels of stress-related hormones in all participants — even in those who did not report feeling stressed at the outset of the study.

A systematic review published in Y 2013, also found that Dark Chocolate may be a helpful mood booster. Milk Chocolate will not have the same effect though. To work, opt for Dark Chocolate with at least 70% cacao or greater, and limit your portions, I choose 90% cacao.

Organic Coffee has its benefits, but the findings are mixed when it comes to its effect on depression, so you will have to gauge its effects from personal experience. One meta-analysis published in Y 2015, which looked at a population of nearly 347,000 individuals, concluded caffeine helped protect against depression. Other medical experts warn it might worsen anxiety, which often goes hand-in-hand with depression.

A Y 2014 study came to the following conclusion: “[W]e observed a biphasic profile in caffeine psychostimulant effect: low to moderate doses may correlate with a reduction in depressive risk in healthy subjects and an improvement of many clinical symptoms (attention, arousal, psychomotor performance) in depressed patients, whereas the assumption of high doses may result in thymic dysregulation, favor mixed affective states and worsen circadian profiles and anxiety symptoms.”

I drink espresso and only in the afternoons and evenings at 4:00p and after to pick me up after the markets are closed and tickets marked and posted. It does not disturb my sleep, but I have been doing it for 50 yrs.

When in Los Angeles I buy mined from Javista Organic Coffee Bar in Hollywood, CA.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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