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Trade Talks are Scheduled Between Presidents Trump and Xi at the G-20 Summit


Late Monday, President Trump said he does expect Chinese President Xi to be at the G-20 Summit in Japan this month and the 2 world leaders are scheduled to talk at the gathering of leaders from the Top industrialized and emerging economies.

Since the trade talks last month in Washington ended in a stalemate, President Trump has said he expected to meet Chinese President Xi at the 28-29 June Summit in Osaka, Japan. China has not confirmed any such meeting, but Washington said it is scheduled.

President Trump said last week he would decide after the meeting of the leaders of the world’s 2 largest economies whether to carry out a threat to slap tariffs on at least $300B in Chinese goods.

President Trump said early Monday he was ready to impose another round of punitive tariffs on Chinese imports if he does not reach a trade deal with China’s President at the G-20.

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