Tough Minded People are Disciplined and Prepared

Tough Minded People are Disciplined and Prepared

Tough Minded People are Disciplined and Prepared

Success in anything we do or attempt to do requires a mentally tough mind. All the resources are meaningless if your mind is cluttered, presumptions, prone to distraction or negitivity, you will fail.

Like flying an airplane, if you do not pay full attention you will die.

So tune out the noise and develop mental toughens and you will never suffer defeat.

The attitude is Warrior, it comes down to 1 thing: discipline.

You can make any change you want to your mindset and the way you think, with discipline. Discipline is about not letting the small things get in the way of The Reward.

Apart from making the decision to develop mental toughness, it is about practice, about becoming conscious of your thoughts and then getting the best out of them.

I learned this and how to teach mental toughness when I went to USMC Drill Instructors School at Parris Island, SC in the 1960’s, now I am sharing it with you.

Fear is the result of negative thoughts, driven by anxiety or depression.

Discipline is about not settling for 2nd best, it is about choosing to make the right decisions which you already intuitively know the answer to.

We all really know we should work before we play, that we should eat healthy, exercise, do what we love, and treat people with respect, love and kindness.

We know all of these things, but they cannot be done when you lack discipline. The best way to always come from a state of discipline is to tie it to your purpose, a life quest that is more important than anything else in life.

Then, when you have a decision to make that requires discipline, remind yourself of your purpose, and tell your brain that you will fail at your purpose if you are not disciplined.

By linking the outcome of purpose to discipline, you rewire your brain to make the best decisions for you. Thus, giving you leverage over your brain play the game to Win.

Below are 12 steps to for the development of mental toughness, as follows:

1. Go 1 step further than you believe you can

Mental toughness can be developed by going 1 step further than you believe is possible. If you can do 9 pull-ups, try for 10, excel.

The Secret is to go just 1 step beyond what you mentally believe you can do each day along The Path, progress become natural.

2. Know that things will go wrong

Be prepared mentally by telling yourself from the start that stuff will go wrong in your quest. Instead of hoping for everything to be perfect, hope for everything to be mostly good and know that at least 1 thing will go wrong.

Striving for perfection will destroy mental toughness. Never let anything disturb your peace of mind.

Expect rocks in The Path everywhere you go, if you get none, that is a happy day.

3. Put negativity on delay mode.

As negative emotions build up in your mind, and they will, tell yourself you are going to let them all out, but 1st sleep on them and commit to doing it tomorrow.

Negativity is a reaction, slow things down, do not get caught up in immediacy.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: When you sleep on something negative the impact will have subsided, and you know that your world has not come to an End.

4. Always, I mean always look on the bright side of things

Again, never let anything disturb your peace of mind.

When tragedy strikes and it will, commit to finding 1 thing that’s good about it. Before spending even a sec on the negative side, find a positive thought about the situation, no matter how small as long as it is positive.

Learn this, as I learned from my business mentor early on, ”There are no negatives in life, everything happens for a reason, figure it out and make it work for you.”

Prioritize positive thoughts, and do your best to make negative thoughts 2nd. Remember, you are not looking for perfection.

5. Focus on the Target

A Key attribute of mental toughness is focus. It means diverting all your mental energy towards 1 thing and being tough enough not to give up.

This is a task, not a dream.

The human brain needs things to be told to it in a clear manner and for it to be very specific in order to enable your mental toughness, focus your thoughts, and force you never to give up and execute on your plan.

Make this clear in your head, “Plan your work and work your plan”.

6. Can you stand the pain?

Pain is guaranteed if you want to be mentally tough, but whether you suffer from that pain is a choice.If you cannot come out of your comfort zone and refuse to have any pain, you are not going to be mentally tough, successful, wealthy and probably happy either, it is a choice.

7. Break out of the comfort zone regularly

Figure out how to be uncomfortable once a day, then your mind and my body will get used to being uncomfortable, thus giving you the Warrior-like way of living that will help you to succeed in even the most impossible undertakings.

8. Do not use Brain Energy foolishly

The fastest way to lose mental toughness is to waste your brain energy on problems that you cannot solve, or negative thoughts that do not serve you.

Example: Every time you react to a situation, you are wasting mental energy. If that situation does not serve you, pass it and become more disciplined by doing so.

Use your brain energy to inspire and drive forward.

It is very important to give the brain the nutrients it needs with real Brain Food.

9. Be prepared

The mind becomes weak if it is required to perform at an extraordinary level and has never had to endure a unique struggle before.

Build, train, prepare 1st before you enter the arena; think, focus, learn, take risk, play to Win.

10. Limit distractions

The quickest way to lose mental toughness is distraction. Know that you cannot be mentally tough when your phone is ringing, singing, or flashing.

So, turn off the Smartphone alerts, tune out the noise, you must work in a focused, mindful silence to succeed.

11. Believe you will Win

Be a champion, mentally tough people think differently. We show up to any competition or task with the belief that we will Win.

You can have all the positive thoughts in the world, but if you do not believe you can Win, you have already lost.

It requires a mentally strong mind to push us through the pain to get us where we want to go.

12. When you get to be a Leader, Lead.

If your mind is not in Warrior mode at the start, work on it, get it there, make it happen, you can do it.

“The world is full of distractions, discipline and consistence is Key today and everyday, choices determine success, Warriors maintain continuous momentum.”

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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