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Top Lingerie Brands of 2019


#1 Meshki

Currently underrated yet taking Instagram by storm, Meshki offers the sexiest, most luxurious, and trending styles of 2019 for young women. This brand sits roughly $70 per lingerie set. Prices vary extensively.


#2 La Senza

La Senza is slowly becoming more recognized internationally and is selling better than Victoria’s Secret as it undercuts VS recognized prices and in-store experience. Prices sit at $60 a set.


#3 Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has slowly become a more toned down brand to accustom the broad target market from young girls to elder women. Previously being an overpriced brand, Victoria’s secret has lowered its prices to compete in the market and a lingerie set now costs an affordable $50.


#4 Calvin Klien

Known to be on the sporty bedtime side of lingerie, Calvin Klien is more suited to those not carrying much excess fat and its lining can be tight. Prices sit at $50 per set.

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