Top Gyms In Bangkok! From A Models Perspective

Top Gyms In Bangkok! From A Models Perspective

As a model you need to explore your options, you don’t have much time to mess around, and you certainly don’t have a year to get in shape, let alone 6 months. You need hands on training from the best instructors around plus your own dedication towards getting fit outside of the gym.

If you have tried multiple ways to lose weight, as many of us have, you’ve probably heard of the military diet. A slice of toast, a piece of fruit and a cup of black coffee each meal, quick way to lose weight of course, but is that something your going to stick to for the rest of your life? Of course not, you need something sustainable, results that last, something that not only puts you in the best shape you’ve ever been but also something that makes you feel better than ever, a successful model is a happy one. You don’t see any Victoria’s Secret models acting gloomy do you?

Here i have listed a few gyms, depending on the results your looking for and what you enjoy doing. From boxing babes to yoga enthusiasts.

My personal favourite and the one i currently go to MaxFit Performance

“Personally being an Australian in Bangkok, it was nice to finally find a gym where people speak English, have amazing personalities and don’t make you feel out of place. This gym is your best option if your looking to have fun in a great environment, follow the best nutritional guides and get the fastest results.”

MaxFit has a unique style to fitness using truck tires, battle-ropes, fitness games and a variety of body weight and free-weight exercises to get your body moving and maximizing your fitness capabilities. They specialize in boot camps, small group sessions and personal training. There are no exercise machines at MaxFit! So you will also develop balance and control of your own body weight as time goes by. This gym combines flexibility, balance, strength and control. so if you don’t feel like or have time to hit the gym, a fight club (for body weight strength) and yoga classes, MaxFit is the ideal all in one package.

My experience with MaxFit:

“I went to MaxFit for the 21 day body transformation program they have on, seeing as it costed basically nothing for that 3 week course. Over a month of modeling jobs being slow, i gained 10 kgs, not good! So i was desperate for something quick. I went to the gym 6 days a week, and when the challenge was over, i looked like i did 10 kgs ago.” 



Next Up – Elite Fight Club 

For the ones trying to maximize their skills in fighting, letting no man cross them! 

Elite Fight Club is the ideal facility for professional martial arts training or just for keeping yourself fighting fit. They have real professional fighters that have fought across the globe. Elite fight training won’t just be in the gym messing around, they have an actual arena, multiple punching bags and a huge area to practice. Although on top of that they do offer an actual gym, with weights, plus a spa, pool and locker room. Yes, this gym is apart of the Waterford Diamond Tower, hence why it has so much to offer.

“I would recommend this gym if your into fighting. They have the best trainers and an amazing enviroment.”


Finally – Yogatique Bangkok

“Yoga is super important to the mind and body, as it allows you to think straight and gives you the flexibility to move however you please. That to me makes daily life a lot easier, you look more elegant in a dress and you can walk in heels like a pro.”

At Yogatique you can start your classes off as a beginner and work your way up to more difficult, complex classes. They have a variety of music and instructors for you to choose from. They have a warm environment which also allows you to focus more and relax while your there, plus they help you with the positions if you need it, takes time to master balance.

Yogatique is the place to be for a calm environment, friendly smiles, and group activities. Although try not to be shy when it comes to an awkward position, and for the men out there who realize the benefits in yoga but are a bit shy, don’t worry, Yogatique offers classes for only men as well.


To make this fun, if your someone who can’t decide and just wants to try something out, here’s a gym selected at random.


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Ivy Heffernan

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