Top Clubs of 2018 – Bangkok

Top Clubs of 2018 – Bangkok

1. Demo

Located in Thong Lor, Demo is situated next to many other clubs which makes it a safe bet to go. Outdoor seating is available and smoking is no problem. The demographic is Thong Lor area is mainly Asian.

2. Penta

Penta has gained all the rage from young university students, international and local in Bangkok. Free bottles are offered if a group of 5 reserve and show before 10:30 PM. Hip Hop music, outdoor area and seating, 2 floors and 1 VIP area are all to be expected.

3. Noiz

Noiz is the BEST and very few places available if you’re looking for flashing lights and throbbing music.

4. Club XS

Want to feel like luxury? Club XS at the Pullman is the place to go! With many VIP sofas in the club, private karaoke rooms, limousine service, and a few different club zones to choose from, it’s hard to get bored!

5. DND

Also known as Do Not Disturb, DND is located next to Demo in the Thong Lor area. The club is most popular to young Thais. The music ranges from EDM to hip hop.

6. Sugar Club

Popular among foreigners for its recognition in playing hip-hop non stop. Sugar Club is a fun place to go but just like any other club in Bangkok, overcrowding is an issue. VIP areas are available.

7. The Club at Koi

The Club at Koi has a large dance floor compared to any other club in Bangkok. Koi also has an outdoor seating area where smoking is allowed.

8. Onyx

Popular among Korean and Chinese due to the expensive prices. 1000 Baht entrance fee is the highest in Bangkok for getting into a club. EDM music.

9. Route 66

Route 66 offers a few different club rooms, one of which has no tables, so party goers may dance away! Located next to Onyx at RCA.

10. Sing Sing Theatre

Sing Sing Theater is a 2 story night club, with tables on the 2nd floor and a dance floor on the bottom. Smoking is allowed inside.

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