Top Asian Stocks to Own Now

Top Asian Stocks to Own Now

Top Asian Stocks to Own Now

E-commerce powerhouses in China are extremely bullish about strengthening trade ties and invigorating economic activities in economies along the Belt and Road Initiative, industry observers said.

They said that as fast-growing mobile and internet usage propels consumer spending, an ever-widening array of “Made in China” items will be at their fingertips, while Chinese bring home worldwide delicacies thanks to frictionless online transactions and fast cross-border deliveries.

The cyber Silk Road, which effectively links smaller merchants with individual customers, is fueling new momentum to the Belt and Road Initiative by promoting inclusive trade and access to logistics and financial services once reserved mainly for multinationals, said Gao Hongbing, Alibaba’s vice-president.

“This relatively new and frictionless method of conducting business on the digital platform can enable more businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in global trade and reap the benefits of globalization,” Gao said.

Meanwhile, businesses along the Belt and Road routes have found early success via online channels as Chinese purchasing power explodes. For instance, nearly 280,000 latex pillows from Thailand were sold last year via Tmall Global, a site sourcing imported goods to Chinese customers.

The economic boom will hit stocks in various sectors in Asia, here is a good mix of stocks to own now.

Hong Kong

Tencent Holdings Ltd (HKG:0700)

Tencent Holdings Limited is an investment holding company principally involved in the provision of value-added services (VAS) and online advertising services. The Company operates through three main segments. The VAS segment is mainly involved in provision of online/mobile games, community value-added services and applications across various Internet and mobile platforms. The Online Advertising segment is mainly engaged in display based and performance based advertisements. The Others segment is mainly involved in provision of payment related services, cloud services and other services.


Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese language Internet search provider. The Company offers a Chinese language search platform on its Website that enables users to find information online, including Webpages, news, images, documents and multimedia files, through links provided on its Website. In addition to serving individual Internet search users, the Company provides a platform for businesses to reach customers. Its business consists of three segments: search services, transaction services and iQiyi. Search services are keyword-based marketing services targeted at and triggered by Internet users’ search queries, which mainly include its pay-for-performance (P4P) services and other online marketing services. Its transaction services include Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Takeout Delivery, Baidu Maps, Baidu Connect, Baidu Wallet and others. iQiyi is an online video platform with a content library that includes licensed movies, television series, cartoons, variety shows and other programs.


Apex Development Public Company Limited (BKK:APX)

Apex Development Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company engaged in the real estate development business. It is primarily involved in the development of condominium and hotel properties.

The Company develops residential properties and condominium in form of hotel accommodations in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok.


Carabao Group PCL (BKK:CBG)

Around the world, energy drinks have become popular with the young, trendy urban population. By positioning these drinks as trendy and fashionable, many companies have forgotten the original purpose of an energy drink. Many of these so called energy drinks have now become soft drinks. Carabao believes that energy drinks were created with a purpose: to provide replenishment for lost energy.

In Thailand, home of the world’s leading energy drinks, this type of beverage was made to provide replenishment for lost energy. Carabao adheres to these basic principles and has therefore positioned itself as an energy drink for those who need replenishment.

Carabao’s position is based on the philosophy of its founding partner, Mr. Aed Carabao. Aed Carabao is a popular folk singer in Thailand who the vast majority of Thais regard as “The voice of the people”

Carabao Group Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based holding company primarily engaged in the manufacture and distribution of bottled beverages through its subsidiaries. The Company’s subsidiaries include Carabao Tawandang Co Ltd, which manufactures and distributes beverages; Asia Pacific Glass Co Ltd, which manufactures and distributes glass bottles and products, and Tawandang DCM Co Ltd, which distributes beverages. Some of its major brands are Carabao and Start Plus.


Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX:Z74)

Singapore Telecommunications Limited is a communications company. The Company is engaged in the operation and provision of telecommunications systems and services, and investment holding. In addition, it offers Internet services and also holds frequency spectrum and license rights to install, operate and maintain mobile communication systems and services, including wireless broadband systems and services. It operates in three segments: Group Consumer, Group Enterprise and Group Digital Life. The Group Consumer segment comprises the consumer businesses across Singapore and Australia, as well as the Company’s investments in Thailand, India, Africa, South Asia, Philippines and Indonesia. The Group Enterprise segment comprises the business groups across Singapore, Australia, the United States, Europe and the region. The Group Digital Life segment focuses on using the Internet technologies and assets of the Company’s operating companies by entering adjacent businesses.

Olam International Ltd (SGX:O32)

Olam International Limited is a fully integrated supply chain manager and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients. The Company operates through five segments: Edible Nuts, Spices and Vegetable Ingredients, which includes cashew, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, onion, garlic and tomato; Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients, which includes cocoa and coffee; Food Staples and Packaged Foods, which includes rice, sugar and sweeteners, grains and animal feed, palm, dairy and packaged foods; Industrial Raw Materials (IRM), which includes cotton, wood products, rubber, fertilizers, Ag logistics and infrastructure ((including special economic zones (SEZ) warehouses, silos and ports), and Commodity Financial Services (CFS), which includes commodity financial services, such as market-making, risk management solutions and asset management. The Company has operations across approximately 20 platforms in over 70 countries.


China Railway Group Ltd (SHA:601390)

China Railway Group Limited is engaged in infrastructure construction, survey, design and consulting services, engineering equipment and components manufacturing, and property development and other business. Its infrastructure construction business includes railway construction, highway construction, urban rail transportation and other construction. Its survey, design and consulting services business involves in the provision of survey, design and consulting services for railway, bridge, road and tunnel projects. The revenue of engineering equipment and component manufacturing business is primarily generated from the design, research, manufacture and sale of turnouts and other railway construction equipment, steel structures of bridges, and engineering equipment. It is also engaged in the build-operate-transfer (BOT) investment and operation of highways, the development of minerals, merchandise trading and provision of financial services.

Zall Group Ltd (HKG:2098)

Zall Development Group Ltd. is an investment holding company principally engaged in the sales of properties. The Company operates its business through eight segments. The Zall Development Business segment is engaged in the operation of entity market. The Zall Cloud Market Business segment is engaged in business-end operation. The Zall Cross-border Business segment is engaged in cross-border trading and procurement business. The Zall Cloud Commerce Business segment is engaged in customer-end operation. The Zalljinfu Business segment is engaged in supply chain financial service business. The Zallzhilian Business segment is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and application of smart logistics and payment hardware. The Zallzhiton Business segment is engaged in smart logistics business. The Zallwulian Business segment is engaged in big data mining based on the platform trading.

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