Top 10 Nationalities of Real Estate Investors in Dubai

Top 10 Nationalities of Real Estate Investors in Dubai

Top 10 Nationalities of Real Estate Investors in Dubai

Emiratis made the most number of transactions between January 2016 and June 2017

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has revealed a list of the Top 10 nationalities of real estate investors in Dubai between January 2016 and the end of June 2017.

Overall, people from 217 nationalities invested a total of Dhs151-B through 71,000 transactions in Dubai’s real estate market in the 18 months to June 2017.

While Emiratis made close to 12,000 investment transactions worth Dhs37.4-B, they were followed by Indian, Pakistani, Saudi Arabian and British investors respectively for the number of registered transactions.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, director general of DLD, said: “This list has been unveiled at a time when our real estate market is preparing for a new phase of growth in the run-up to Expo 2020. We are pleased to have witnessed such a high level of interest from global citizens in Dubai.

“This demonstrates the confidence that the world has in our real estate environment, which is characterised by a strong regulatory system that provides safety and security for all parties.”

Excluding investors from the top 10 nationalities, others registered in the DLD’s database made a total of 23,318 transactions amounting to a total value of Dhs48.665bn.

Top 10 nationalities of property investors in Dubai in the last 18 months to June

1. UAE

Transactions: 12,000

Value: Dhs37.4-B

2. India

Transactions: 10,628

Value: Dhs20.42-B

3. Pakistan

Transactions: 5,398

Value: Dhs7-B

4. Saudi Arabia

Transactions: 5,366

Value: Dhs12.51-B

5. UK

Transactions: 4,188

Value: Dhs9-B

6. Egypt

Transactions: 2,439

Value: Dhs4-B

7. Jordan

Transactions: 2,235

Value: Dhs4.21-B

8. China

Transactions: 2,177

Value: Dhs3.14-B

9. Lebanon

Transactions: 1,313

Value: Dhs2.66-B

10. US

Transactions: 1,119

Value: Dhs2.87-B

Last month, the DLD revealed that the emirate recorded a 16.8% increase in the total value of real estate transactions in 1-H of Y 2017, compared to the same frame last year.

The value of transactions for 1-H totalled Dhs132-B compared to Dhs113-B in 1-H of Y 2016. This was also 2.3% more than the Dhs129-B recorded in 1-H of Y 2015.

The figures for the 1st 6 months of Y 2017 will be seen as a sign of market recovery for property owners and developers, who have endured more than a year of stagnant or declining rental and sales rates.

By Aarti Nagraj

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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