The Top 10 Foodie Destinations

The Top 10 Foodie Destinations

With three quarters (75%) of global travelers saying that they would likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink when choosing their next travel destination[i], culinary travel is a trend on the rise. The joy of trying and eating delicious new dishes while travelling can make a trip to remember., the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, uncovers the top food destinations around the world, as endorsed by travelers[ii]. Now you can discover these gastronomic hot spots on your next getaway.

Top 10 cities globally endorsed for food by travelers
1 Hong Kong
2 Sao Paulo
3 Tokyo
4 Athens
5 Kuala Lumpur
6 Melbourne
7 Bangkok
8 Granada
9 Las Vegas
10 Buenos Aires

If you are heading to Bangkok here is the must do list:

Urbani Truffles Bangkok

Roberto Ugolini is originally from Rome (Italy) and since 1994 he has been working in Thailand as the Managing Director of Watermark Group. When the Group bought the Calderazzo Restaurant (12 years ago in Bangkok, every year the best Tatler Restaurant in Bangkok), he decided to rename it Ugolini Restaurant.

Mugendai Penthouse

Mugendai Penthouse has born over years spent of intensive preparation prior to opening to create a unique Japanese dining experience where every single customer is special. The new phenomenon where food meets lifestyle.

Man Fu Yuan Kitchen

Best Dim Sum in town by far

Siwilai Rocket Coffee bar

SIWILAI Rocket Coffeebar is a collaboration between likeminded lifestyle connoisseurs with a natural chemistry and a shared appreciation for the finer things. Here, food is more than just fuel, and indulging in fresh ingredients, prepared with care, is part of the SIWILAI way of life. Likewise, the unique cocktail list features creations that go beyond just a couple of ingredients put together in a glass, they tell a story to enhance the epicurean experience.

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