Today, America is Back to Being America

Today, America is Back to Being America

Today, America is Back to Being America

Here are some thoughts as our nation stepped back from the edge of a slippery slope

What happened last night was the end of a peaceful civil war, and the good guys won this time. We lost the last 2 times.

God be praised.

What we have just experienced was a counter-revolution to the Alinskyite Revolution of soft-tyranny led by The Clinton’s and  Barack Hussein Obama. They had a different idea of what hope and change means than most of us. They were making us a Banana republic. We wanted to turn back towards the shining City on a Hill.

Last year 17 Republicans stepped forward to lead the counter-revolution, mostly establishment politicians, a corporate CEO, a brain surgeon and a blue collar billionaire, who was often brash and straight forward, and always strong.

The silent majority, sensing the establishment would fail again, picked the blue collar billionaire, who did not need the aggravation but stepped out of his comfort zone for the good of the country, just like others had done before him going back to the Revolution.

Now, the long nightmare of Barack Hussein Obama is over.

He will be relegated to the thrash heap of history where he belongs. The country could simply not afford a continuation of his corrosive policies and contempt for the majority as nurtured by the Clinton’s and Bushes.

Now, we will not have an unindicted proven lawbreaker as the chief law enforcement officer in the land. How embarrassing would that have been? Hillary Clinton could not be the President of the US under any corcumstances,

Individual justice will rule again after the false flag of pollitically correct social justice.

The corrupt establishment Republicans and Democrats have been repudiated and banished from the field,

The even more corrupt mainstream media were left squirming, hemming and hawing towards the end as they realized their vicious propaganda ailed and the silent majority had had enough.

They had gathered to Crown their corrupt candidate and were shocked, it was not even close in the Electoral College as President Trump turned the map Red.

We will no longer need to move to Texas as there is no need now for a Texit.

The country, which was so divided by Barack Hussein Obama’s aggressive and deliberately divisive multiculturalism, will now begin to heal after heading for a disaster as we kept sliding down the slippery slope.

The silent White majority, whose ancestors designed and built this country and fought its wars on behalf of strangers they did not know finally said “Enough is enough. And took thier country back.

Multiculturalism is fine but it has to come to America naturally, from a shared love of this exceptional country and a desire to make it even better- and not rammed down its throats by left wing radicals and illegal aliens who come to take and not to give, some who come to kill.”

The 40-year graft and crime spree of Gerore HW Bush, George W.Bush, Hill and Billy Clinton has come to a close.

The new President was finally humbled by his victory and reached out for amity and healing.

Most people do not realize that, unlike the current President, who put everyone in boxes he could use to divide us in every way he could, this President has a history of truly caring less about what your race, religion, gender or lifestyle is. He cares about whether you are on board and committed to the objective at hand.

How many corporations in America can say they have more women executives than male, they are paid more on average, a woman will now run his business empire, and his right and left hand assistants in this brutal and epic campaign, the manager and chief spokesperson, are women? One is White, the other Black.

And people call him a racist, sexist and misogynist, Too Funny!

By Mario Goveia

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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