Tips to Staying Healthy When Traveling

Tips to Staying Healthy When Traveling

Tips to Staying Healthy When Traveling

Staying healthy when traveling can be challenging. While traveling is an exciting because of the exposure to new people and environments, it is also contributes to new breeding grounds for unfamiliar germs and bacteria.

The Key to avoiding getting sick while traveling is to combat the factors that cause illness.

Below is a list of basic and easy things to do for safe travel and good health on the road, as follows:

Stay healthy on your travels by nourishing your body with water. Dehydration not only causes fatigue, but also exacerbates jet lag. Carry a water bottle with you to refill throughout the day. Stay especially hydrated on your flights where high altitudes and low cabin pressure directly contribute to dehydration. Note: Alcohol and caffeinated drinks do not count, as absorption of their high sugar and fat levels dehydrates the body.

Sleep deprivation reduces the human body’s ability to ward off illness. Beating jet lag quickly and establishing a regular sleeping pattern is essential to any healthy travel routine. Catch Zzzz on long-haul flights if you are arriving at your destination in the morning, and expose yourself to as much daylight as possible on that 1st day before lying down for a sound and restful sleep in the evening. On the other hand, if arriving at your destination in the evening, try to stay awake during the flight so you can retreat to that comfy bed in your hotel room when you land.

Being on vacation often means indulging in rich meals at restaurants and eating out a lot. With enticing menus of foreign dishes and exotic ingredients, it is easy to allow your vacation mood and the “just spoil yourself” mantra to overshadow the importance of portion control and eating well-balanced meals. For in between meal times, most on-the-go or snack foods are high in refined carbohydrates and processed sugars, avoid them totally. So, opt for water-rich fruits and vegetables like strawberries and cucumbers to snack on to leave you hydrated and healthy.

When you sit down to a meal in that 3-Star Michelin restaurant you booked months in advance yourself enjoy it to the fullest going easy on the wine and spirits

The most effective defense against spreading illness and infection to wash up before and after a meal, and other time during the day too. Finally, be the ultimate germaphobe by carrying disinfecting wipes for your flight. Clean up!

Regular exercise not only strengthens the immune system but also increases overall well being. In turn, the body becomes less susceptible to falling ill and heals quicker even if the bug gets you. Staying active doesn’t have to cut into your exploration time. Opt for discovering a city on foot instead of taking the subway for a couple of stops, or climb to the top of that hilltop lookout instead of taking the cable car up. Compile a few simple stretches you can practice while waiting for your travel buddies to get ready in the morning. Whatever it is that gets your heart pumping a little, work it into your adventure, as it may well be those extra mins on the street that lead you to the best discovery of your trip.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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