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Tips on Maintaining Good Mental Health in the War Against the Coronavirus


Staying at home, worrying about jobs and finances, is a recipe for depression during the War against coronavirus .

Below are some tips on how to maintain good mental health during this difficult time.

“The current situation has many of us feeling helpless, fearful and adrift,” said Dr. Donna Anthony, chief medical officer at Gracie Square Hospital in New York City.

In order to get through this crisis, it is important to acknowledge these feelings and proactively manage stress, maintain your health, and find ways to cope when things seem darkest. We don’t know when our lives will return to a semblance of normality, but in the meantime, there are steps we can take to make ourselves feel better,” Dr. Anthony said in a hospital news release we received Thursday.

People who already struggled with depression and anxiety will find it even more difficult now, and even those who have not faced those mental health challenges may feel anxious, afraid and lonely.

Take a step back and examine your feelings, Dr. Anthony suggests. Be non-judgmental and compassionate toward yourself. Distract yourself from negative thoughts. If you are bored, do something. If you are lonely or frightened, call a friend.

Your body is better able to fight stress if you take care of it. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and get enough rest and sleep. Do not try to relieve stress by self-medicating with drugs, alcohol or compulsive behaviors, such as eating, Dr. Anthony advised.

Maintaining daily routines can help you feel in control of your life, she added. Wake up at the same time each day, shower, dress and get some exercise by walking around your home if you cannot go outside. It is especially important to structure your day if you are off or out of work. If you are working from home, take breaks.

Work on hobbies and other interests, seek out social support, and relax through meditation, breathing, massage, listening to or making music, singing and creating art.

Mainstream media news can be especially stressful, so tune it out, and try to get it from reputable sources, Dr. Anthony say.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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