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Time For Coinbound Secret Sauce At Upcoming NFT Conference In NYC


Available Now! Coinbound’s New Guide to NFT Marketing

At last, the highly anticipated NFT conference in New York City, Ty Smith, CEO and Founder of Coinbound, will be sharing his latest insights for succeeding in NFT Marketing. Coinbound is the leading Web3 marketing agency and has successfully supported a wide variety of NFT projects, such as helping one grow their Discord by over 9k members in one month, managed cross 2600+ ETH(in volume) in the first 24 hours of sale and sell-out their first 3,000 NFTs!

After speculating various campaigns and multiple bear markets, he has gained key insights into NFT Marketing and the future of Web3. As one of the invited speakers, Ty will be diving deep into the top trends and strategies for NFT Marketing.

Ty stated recently, “The biggest reason why clients come to us is to break through the noise in the NFT space. With today’s level of mainstream notoriety, there’s more pressure than ever to utilize refined marketing techniques to get an NFT project to grow in popularity and authority. That’s where our team shines.”

As the leading Web3 Marketing Agency, we have vast hands-on experience in developing cohesive, personalized NFT marketing campaigns for each Coinbound client. Our team focuses exclusively on Web3 and isn’t just a haphazard branch of a larger entity. With this expertise, the team curated the Advanced Guide To NFT Marketing – 2022 Checklist.

Ty will be expanding on this comprehensive guide at the upcoming event. He will be available for interviews and comments throughout the conference. Whether you are an NFT creator, investor or journalist, this will be an perfect opportunity to connect with Ty and get his unique perspective on the world of Web3.

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