The Time Has Come for the US to Stop Funding the UN

The Time Has Come for the US to Stop Funding the UN

The Time Has Come for the US to Stop Funding the UN

The United Nations has come to symbolize not hope for peace but the rage of a schoolyard bully.

American taxpayers contribute $400-M yearly to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine. The funds buy school textbooks for Palestinian children.

The textbooks — supplied for all ages — call the founding of modern Israel a disaster of biblical proportions and look forward to the “end of days” when Muslims will eliminate Jews from the Earth. They are shot through and through with incitements to extermination Israelis in particular and Jews in general. Hitler would be proud of his spiritual children.

The issue is not whether Palestinians are entitled to teach their children whatever they wish, however disgusting that may be to civilized people. The issue is co-opting people who do not share these views to fund them. The vast majority of Americans are repulsed by the hate with which these books and their teachers indoctrinate the children under their control.

There are now several initiatives navigating Congress; some would defund the UN altogether while others would do so until and unless the organization backs off its most egregious anti-Israel activities.

The notion of defunding the United Nations has been around since the 1950’s. It has gained and lost traction over the years, depending on how outrageous this or that UN act is perceived and by how many people.

Until recently, its popularity was limited to fringe groups within the American public, but it is now an idea whose time has come.

The United States gives not millions but billions each year to the United Nations.

We are the most generous supporters of UNICEF, the UN’s educational and relief agency that just declared — against all logic, history, archaeology and anthropology — that Jews have no connection to Jerusalem, its Temple Mount or any other sacred sites in their homeland of four thousand years.

The money we give to UNWRA funds more than textbooks; the agency has been exposed multiple times for storing Hamas weapons in its Gaza facilities.

America provides the free use of prime Manhattan real estate and the buildings we built on it to house the U.N.; we supply one-quarter of the budget for this collage of some 200 nations who collectively supply the remainder.

The simple math is we give roughly 70X the average assessment.

The trigger for this latest move is the incredible Security Council Resolution 2334, which declares Israel in illegal occupation of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

The Obama Admin instructed its ambassador to abstain from the vote, allowing the measure to pass on a 14-0 vote. The resolution cites features of the Geneva Convention that do not even exist — I read it — as its justification. It ignores the fact that Israel simply retook land it had owned for millennia after those who occupied it at that time attacked Israel.

A month earlier, the General Assembly adopted six resolutions condemning Israel and claiming, like UNICEF, it had no historic ties — again defying logic, history and science to lands claimed by Palestinians.

America’s current government, the Trump Administration and Congress is signaling it has had enough.

I am a proud supporter of Israel, as are most Americans. However, Israel’s interests are not — standing alone — sufficient grounds to defund the United Nations. The long history of a UN living rent-free on land belonging to a nation of whom a majority find UN values repugnant and UN behavior arrogant beyond belief is more than sufficient grounds.

The American Congress and its new administration are coming to this stance for the first time. They see the United Nations turning a blind eye to honor killings and using children for soldiers and wives against their will at the same time they allow one party to a conflict to store weapons in U.N. facilities while denouncing the other side for protecting its borders and civilian population.

They see that body catering to military dictators and totalitarian theocracies while ganging up on the only democratically elected government, the jury is still out on Iraq, in the Middle East.

The UN was conceived in great promise as a guarantor of peace on Earth. Unfortunately for the believers in a secularized peace, the organization has come to symbolize not hope for peace but the rage of the biggest bully on the schoolyard.

The lesson to be learned is that the sole guarantor of peace on Earth is the One who gave His life to procure it. It is imperative that humankind understand there is no peace on our own terms; alternatives are idols that lead only to the chaos we currently see.

Let us sacrifice our Sacred Cows today, beginning with the United Nations.

by James Wilson

Paul Ebeling, Ebeling

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