Tianci International, Inc. (OTC:CIIT) Could Trade Much Higher

Tianci International, Inc. (OTC:CIIT) Could Trade Much Higher

Tianci International, Inc. (OTC:CIIT) Could Trade Much Higher, Tianci International, Inc. (OTC:CIIT) has made a couple of dramatic moves higher and looks set to return to the 52 week high and beyond.

Tianci International Inc (CIIT) is an Information Technology based company that is focusing on end-to-end IT solutions in providing customers with high-tech security and functionality.

This will ensure peace-of-mind for its community of users across the world. It also encompasses the Enterprise IT solutions which include Cloudbase Solution, Storage Solution, Virtualisation, Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data processing, Software & Mobile Application Developments.

Listed on the prestigious OTCQB Venture market it is just a hop, skip and a jump for this one to be trading on the NASDAQ. As soon as the company makes a move in that direction the stock could move higher very quickly considering the very thin float.

Open Gaps
upMar-04-20191.2 to 1.3

Fibonacci Analysis: Fibonacci analysis evaluates the short term (30 days) intermediate term (60 days) and long term trends (120 days) and retracements. Stocks that retrace 38.2% or less of a trend will usually continue the trend. Retracements exceeding 61.8% indicate a reversal. Alerts will include ABC’s up/down (multiple 38% retracements) and various reversal signals.

Time FrameTrend38.2%50%61.8%
Long0.1 to (46.34%).
Intermediate0.38 to (53.67%).
Short0.45 to (55.88%).
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