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This is Quaint, Harvard Announced it is Safer to Eat in Airplanes than in Restaurants

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Across the country COVID-19 lockdowns, shutdowns and restrictive limits are keeping people from gathering in restaurants, but airlines are still feeding people.

The Big Q: Why is it safe to eat on an airplane and not in a restaurant?

A Harvard University opinion: In a recent study it explains that airplane cabins’ airflow and specialized ventilation systems filter out 99% of all airborne viruses. And that coupled with masks that passengers are wearing when they are not eating makes eating on a plane safer than a restaurant.

Passengers’ self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms and airlines’ disinfection practices help too, the study found.

A 2nd study by the Department of Defense found “little risk of transmission” of the virus on a plane.

Harvard’s researchers are already turning their attention to other parts of the travel experience when people congregate without the aircraft ventilation system.

If that is indeed the case, expect all Tier 1 and 2 restaurants to install aircraft modeled ventilation systems and UV light virus killers.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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