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Thinking Clearly in a Crisis


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The “wolf” is a military metaphor for fear, all of the deeply ingrained negative emotions that hold us back. Overcoming fear aka staring down the wolf is the only way to unlock 1’s massive potential. 

These are 4 skills that I learned in the US Marines, they have had profound impact on me and my leadership abilities, as follows:

1. Box breathing: Controlled breathing calms the mind and reduces stress.

It is taking a slow, deep breath, holding it for 5 secs and exhaling slowly through the nose for a count of 5. I begin each day with 20 mins of breathing. Done daily, box breathing lowers stress hormones, sharpens 1’s focus, and deepens the ability to concentrate on tasks. 

2. Positivity: The fear wolf has a counterpart, that is the courage of the Devil Dog, the 1 you feed will grow bigger and stronger.

Positive thinking is “attention control.” In other words, focused attention is Key to the success of a mission. A competitor cannot allow his/her mind to go negative in the field. “If you say to yourself, ‘Holy cow, that enemy looks stronger than me,’ then you are dead meat

Negative thoughts “degrade performance,” as they weaken the mind and, eventually, weaken the body. Daily we are bombarded by negative news during the coronavirus chaos. Guarding your mind and staying positive is Key for making smart decisions. Tune out the Noise!

3. Visualization: visualization is a secret mental weapon, it is the only place where we can get perfect practice: The Mind,” Studies show that if you just practice, in your mind’s eye perfect form and a perfect outcome, you are training your neurobiology to actually perform better. over the past 58 yrs I have had major outcomes with visualization. Visualization exerts a strong gravitational pull. Picturing a bright post-C-19 future in your mind’s eye will turn it into a destiny instead of a wish.

4. Front-sight focus: Front-sight focus is a fundamental shooting tactic perfected basic training. If a marksman focuses on the target, the front sight of the weapon will be out of focus. If you focus on the front sight, the target will still be visible in the distance. Front-sight focus is a metaphor for focusing on Key goals that are aligned to the target: vision and mission. 

When I was a DI at PI we trained boots that they are capable for 20X more than they ever thought possible. Use their training tactics to move beyond self-imposed limits and create a powerful future for oneself, 1’s business, and overall life. 

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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