Things Worsen Daily for “Crooked” Hillary Clinton

Things Worsen Daily for “Crooked” Hillary Clinton

Things Worsen Daily for “Crooked” Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-Mail server while Secretary of State will face even more scrutiny in the next few weeks, with testimony scheduled that she and her top aides cannot avoid.

Mrs. Clinton was the only former Secretary of State who declined to take part in an IG’s (inspector general’s) investigation that resulted in a damaging report that found that she, who was Secretary of State from Y’s 2009 to 2013, broke federal standards with her e-Mail, leaving a security breach that may have opened material to hackers.

Key aides also stayed away from the probe, but they will not be able to avoid interviews being conducted as part of a court case brought by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

In addition, the FBI is continuing its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s e-Mails, and Capitol Hill is not letting the matter drop either.

Friday, the Democratic front-runner’s former Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, was interviewed in closed-door proceedings for the Judicial Watch case.

Other Key Clinton aides, Huma Abedin and former IT specialist Bryan Pagliano the webmaster who set up Clinton’s private e-Mail server, and other officials are expected to be called in to answer questions about the issue under oath.

Judicial Watch has been blocked from releasing video of the depositions, but it can still release transcripts.

This week, the group released a transcript from its 1st interview, when longtime State Department employee Lewis Lukens was deposed, and it plans to release other depos as they are completed.

Mrs. Clinton is also likely be called in to answer questions under oath, which could add to the e-Mail controversy as her campaign moves ahead to the convention.

In addition to the court case, the House Select Committee on Benghazi is also planning to release its report about the deadly Y 2012 attack on the Libyan diplomatic outpost, in which 4 Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed.

The committee is very interested in Mrs. Clinton’s e-Mails over the course of its 2-year investigation, and its report could shed more light on the communications.

But beyond the court proceedings and the Benghazi committee probe, the FBI’s investigation may prove most damaging, as the federal agency, led by Director James Comey is exploring whether she and her staff used the private server to mishandle classified information.

More than 2,000 of the e-Mails Clinton turned over to the US State Department have been determined to have been classified, including 22 “Top Secret” e-Mails that were too dangerous to release.

But Mrs. Clinton argues that none of the communications were marked classified when they were sent.

Mses Abedin and Mills, along with other Key Clinton aides, have been questioned by the FBI, and when it is Mrs. Clinton’s turn for questioning, that could also add furor to an electorate that already have deemed the former Secretary of State dishonest and untrustworthy hence the moniker “Crooked Hillary” as dubbed by Donald Trump.

As expected Hillary Clinton stone faced and defiant continues to maintain the use of the private server was allowed, saying in each and every interview that she knew past secretaries had used personal e-Mail as her excuse for malfeasance in high office.

Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend.

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