These Tips Make Travel Easier

These Tips Make Travel Easier

Here are some of our best tips for a smooth traveling abroad, as follows:

1. Pack a Complete Outfit in Your Carry On

If you do plan on checking your bags, be sure to pack complete outfit in your carry on in case your baggage is delayed. This way, you will have a spare set of clean clothing ready to go.

2. Pack a First Aid Kit

Pack a small first aid kit with the essentials for easy access if you fall ill on the road. If you are traveling through villages or remote areas, these basic items may not be readily available.

3. Do Not Check Bags

Instead, frequent fliers suggests packing light and travel with a carry on only. Not only does that prevent the airline from losing your luggage, but traveling with a carry on also eliminates the need to wait for your bags at the carousel after a long flight. With a carry on, you can deplane and catch a cab for your accommodation without a hitch.

4. Learn the Language

Pick up Key phrases in the language of the country you visit. By learning how to thank or ask where the toilet is in the local language, you show respect as a tourist. English is considered the universal language, do not expect everyone to be fluent.

5. Talk to the Locals

Locals are experts on the destination you will be visiting, so do not be afraid to befriend some and ask for suggestions on what to do or where to eat. They often know better than the Internet where to uncover the hidden gems and get off the beaten path. Know the people to know the country. 

6. Beat Jet Lag

When the plane takes off, set your watch to your destination’s local time and stay awake until an appropriate bedtime. Similarly, when you arrive at your destination, refrain from taking a nap until the Sun goes down in order to reset your internal sleep clock.

7. Buy Travel Insurance

Never leave home without travel insurance in order to protect yourself and your belongings should an unfortunate event happen.

8. External Mobile Phone Battery

Take an external phone battery to keep your mobile charged especially if you rely on Google Maps to navigate throughout new cities. It will save you when your mobile shuts down just before you show your cab driver the address of your final destination.

9. Be Nice to Gate Agents

In the event that you miss your flight or there is a delay, gate agents are likely the 1st people you turn to in order to be rebooked/rerouted. They handle numerous complaints filed by impatient travelers throughout the day. Ask politely for help and you arelikely to receive a stay at a hotel or a seat on a reassigned flight.

10. Act like a Local…

… and not a tourist, and get into the daily life of locals by visiting supermarkets when traveling internationally. Though it sounds mundane, you get to observe and understand the popular local ingredients and common dishes of the place you are in.

Enjoy your trips.

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