Theresa May Expected to Resign Soon, Aides Ankling Fast

Theresa May Expected to Resign Soon, Aides Ankling Fast

Theresa May Expected to Resign Soon, Aides Ankling Fast

Theresa May is fighting to stay on as British PM after Thursday’s disastrous election result forced both of her closest advisers to quit and unease mounts in her party about her courtship of a small Northern Irish party whose votes she needs to govern.

Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill both resigned after becoming the target of Conservative Party fury in the aftermath of an election that wiped out its Parliamentary majority.

The BBC reported that Ms. May would face a leadership challenge unless she sacked the aides, who held enormous sway over her.

Ms. May’s weakness are in full display after her gamble on the Snap Election backfired spectacularly.

She has kept her 5 senior ministers position, though they have not publicly backed her since Election night.

There is Anger in her ranks, as some prominent member are very uncomfortable with the plan to form a parliamentary alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, which opposes gay marriage and abortion.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, who is a Lesbian, expressed those doubts publicly on Friday evening after speaking to Ms. May.

Earlier, Ms. May’s former head of communications launched a series of vicious attacks on the PM’s decision to place so much trust in her 2 Chiefs of Staff and her inability to connect with voters or the rest of the party.

Misses Hill and Timothy are being criticized for being arrogant, Ms. Hill’s ideas were described in The Times as “batshit crazy.”

In a final insult to May, the west London district of Kensington, which has the highest mean income in the country and has been a Conservative bastion for decades, went to the Labour Party by a margin of just 20 votes late Friday.

That leaves the Conservatives with 317 seats in Parliament out of 650, meaning they’re likely to need the DUP’s 10 votes to win a confidence motion.

Neither the Tories or DUP is seeking a formal coalition, of the sort Britain saw in 2010 under David Cameron. Instead, Ms. May is asking for some version of a “confidence and supply” agreement, where the DUP agrees to support the government on finance and a few other Key votes.

The EU leaders are showing Ms. May little sympathy with Brexit negotiations due to start in 9 days. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she saw no reason to grant the UK a grace period.

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