“There is Trouble in Pelosi Paradise”

“There is Trouble in Pelosi Paradise”

FLASH: Kellyanne Conway said on TV Sunday that the immigration problems in the country could be fixed “easily” but that Democrats are too anti-Trump to get the job done

Sunday, White House counsel Kellyanne Conway taunted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), asserting there is malignancy among the Dems rank-and-file that’s causing “trouble in Pelosi paradise.”

In a Sunday talk show interview Ms. Conway declared new Democrat House members are “upset with the leadership.”

“There is a great frustration against rank and file members who represent districts that President Trump won in 2016,” she said. “They have been to the White House, talked to people like me quietly, saying they wish that the radical… freshmen who get the magazine covers and all the ink and air time, I guess they are upset with the leadership today.”

Ms. Conway went on, saying Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich), “Tweeted they are tired of being used because the party is diverse, can’t get a seat at the table, something… re-Tweeted by Ms. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn)

“I think there is trouble in Pelosi Paradise,” Ms. Conway said.

Ms. Conway also said that the immigration problems in the country could be fixed “easily” but that Democrats are too anti-Trump to get the job done.

“Congress can fix this easily,” she said. “All the time that they spend reacting to every single Donald Trump Tweet or the President’s statements, they can sit down and do 3 things.”

Ms. Conway, says the 3 fixes would be to address trafficking victims, fix a judicial decision on filing asylum claims and to “fix the asylum law so those who actually have a credible claim of asylum can have that process faster. “

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