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There is No Substance for the Impeachment of President Trump


There is “no substance” to Democrats’ allegations Vs President Trump, and their closed-door hearings are being held “with a predetermined outcome,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs said Thursday while explaining why GOP lawmakers decided to push their way into a closed-door hearing.

“What we felt was so important is to elevate the conversation for the American people to understand that everything that’s happening here is process-driven,” the Arizona Republican said in a TV interview.

“The process is corrupt. It’s behind closed doors. It’s Soviet-style. They have already predetermined they are going to seek impeachment and work on articles of impeachment, and they are not letting us in.”

Mr. Biggs said he and others went into Wednesday’s hearing “very orderly, very calmly, and basically sat there, and as soon as we got there, [Rep. Adam] Schiff and the witness left.”

News coming out about testimony is being leaked by Democrats, he added, and there are questions surrounding a whistleblower, whose complaint about President Trump’s contacts with Ukraine’s President sparked the impeachment inquiry.

“We don’t know what the whistleblower knew, except that it was all hearsay,” said Mr. Biggs. “That’s the one thing that everybody agrees to, that everything they had was second or third hearsay.”

He pointed out that in other hearings held by Republicans, all members of Congress have been allowed in, and if there are questions, they can be funneled through and asked.

That’s very different than what was happening in this particular meeting,” said Mr. Biggs. 

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