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There is ‘No Direct Evidence’ Masks Prevent Virus Infections


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A World Health Organization (WHO) on 5 June 2020, guidance memo on face mask use during the pandemic says there is “no direct evidence” universal masking of healthy is affective with respiratory illnesses, including C-19 coronavirus.

Instead of everyone wearing masks, the Who recommends that those with “any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 wear a medical mask, self-isolate and seek medical advice as soon as they feel unwell.

The WHO has given contradictory information to governments on when to impose mask-wearing rules for the general population. In that instance, criteria for mandating masks include mask availability, purpose of the order to wear them and settings in which they would be appropriate.

To make matters more confusing, the WHO says that cloth or non-medical masks should be worn only by infected individuals to keep them from spreading disease, rather than for prevention.

With asymptomatic individuals, the memo also says “available evidence from contact tracing reported by Member States suggests that asymptomatically-infected individuals are much less likely to transmit the virus than those who develop symptoms.” 

I believe that the MSM is using masking as a political prop and ultimately it is a reflex reaction to anxiety and fear over The China Virus chaos.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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