There are Criminals in the Invading Migrant Caravan

There are Criminals in the Invading Migrant Caravan

There are Criminals in the Invading Migrant Caravan

Geronimo Gutierrez, Mexico’s Ambassador to the US, admits “there are people that have criminal backgrounds” in the invading migrant caravan, although he was skeptical about a Department of Homeland Security estimate there are more than 500 of them, he told the press Wednesday.

Amb. Gutierrez explained “we share the opinion that there are people that have criminal backgrounds in that group” but emphasized “I just don’t think there’s enough clarify about what those numbers come from.”

He added “we work together very closely with the United States through different mechanisms to look at people that are moving through our region, and I think that’s positive because it allows us to identify individuals that might have a criminal background.”

Asked if he agreed with President Donald Trump’s description of the caravan as an invasion, Amb. Gutierrez said, “I would not categorize that as an invasion. I think, nevertheless, there is a lot of concern, and I can understand why the President and other people here are concerned about what is going on.”

He stressed “I think that it just points to the fact that there is a very significant need to address legal changes here in the immigration system and certainly also in Mexico. And I think that it’s important, my focus is on having improved cooperation between Mexico and the United States and the Central American countries to address regional migration.”

Amb. Gutierrez said the US and Mexico “are not quite there” when it comes to “achieving a favorable status quo,” but “we are in better shape, I think, in the overall bi-lateral relationship than where we were 2 years ago.”

The Department of Homeland Security has undercover informants obtaining and relaying information on the caravan of invading migrants moving towards the US border.

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