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There are “Booms” in the US’ Housing, Retail and Auto Industries

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Larry Kudlow, the head of the National Economic Council, says the economy is having “booms” in housing, retail and autos that are fueling a “self-sustaining V-shaped recovery.

In an interview last Wednesday, Mr. Kudlow heralded the indicators showing the economic bounce.

The main thing right now is not only are the virus numbers going down but the economy is producing tremendous numbers,” he said. “It is a self-sustaining V-shaped recovery.”

We have got housing booms, retail booms, auto booms,” he declared. 

The President has got a whole series of tax cuts … deregulatory … that’ll provide a lot of torque to the economy,” he added, noting President Trump has “drawn a very strong Red line compared to the other team.”

But “any tax changes or forgiveness of the payroll tax deferral would require congressional approval,” he said. “So far they have not done it.”

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