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There are 9 New VirusCasedemic Billionaires


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9 people, including scientists and vaccine manufacturing executives at US-based Moderna and BioNTech and Chinese vaccine maker CanSino Biologics, have become billionaires during the VirusCasedemic, according to a new report by the People’s Vaccine Alliance.

5 of the new billionaires include persons affiliated with Moderna, including Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, whose worth is now $4.3 billion.

The reports that soaring stocks in Big Pharma fueled by investors who expect huge profits from COVID-19 vaccines crated these billionaires.

The money they have made off the VirusCasedemic could finance the vaccination of 776-M people in low-income countries, according to the report according to Business Insider. The bleeding hearts are not happy.

These billionaires are the human face of the huge profits many pharmaceutical corporations are making from the monopoly they hold on these vaccines,” Anna Marriott, Oxfam’s health policy manager says.

These vaccines were funded by public money and should be first and foremost a global public good, not a private profit opportunity.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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