Thee Lincoln Memorial Vandalized Tuesday

Thee Lincoln Memorial Vandalized Tuesday

Thee Lincoln Memorial Vandalized Tuesday

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized early Tuesday morning and police are searching for the person who sprayed red graffiti on the monument.

The graffiti, which read “F*** Law,” was discovered on a pillar at the monument around 4:30a Tuesday, and the National Mall and Memorial Parks monument preservation crew began to remove the graffiti right away.

Silver spray paint also was found on a Smithsonian sign on the 1400 block of Constitution Avenue, but no words were decipherable in that graffiti.

In February, the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, DC War Memorial, and Washington Monument were vandalized with permanent marker.

Before Y 2013, the US Park Service said that the memorial had never been vandalized since it opened in Y 1922.

A Chinese woman, Jiamei Tian, was accused of both the Y 2013 vandalism as well as vandalizing the Washington National Cathedral soon afterward, but she was declared not competent to stand trial in Y 2015 and the case was dismissed.

Twitter users blamed those against their political views on both sides for the graffiti and denounced it universally.

Acceptable Statues to Destroy: Confederate, Jeffereson Memorial, WWII, Mt. Rushmore
Unacceptable Statues: MLK, Lenin, Fearless Girl, Lincoln

If U don’t think those tearing down the confederate monuments in the South, don’t want to pull the Washington mall down,
your not thinking.

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