The World’s Worst Airlines

The World’s Worst Airlines

Taking into consideration factors like performance, service quality and claim processing time, AirHelp, Inc. compiled a list of the worst airlines to fly, check if any on your list are there.

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Below are 5 of the world’s worst airlines, as follows;

Thomas Cook Airlines

Rated 72 out of 72 in AirHelp’s worldwide airline ratings, Britain’s Thomas Cook Airlines has probably seen better days. It scores a 5.6/10 for on-time performance. It also has a very low score for claim processing, so if you have a problem with the airline or your luggage, it will take you forever to get it resolved, and it may not be resolved in a satisfactory way. You may want to take this news with a grain of salt though, according to sources quoted in The Sun, the results of this report may be “misleading.” The sources claim that the study may be biased against UK airlines, but this has not been proven.


The airline easyJet is another British outfit, but it is not so surprising to find it in 71st place. It’s a budget airline that offers some extremely cheap flights in exchange for amenities like free checked baggage and in-flight snacks. You get the bare essentials: a seat and transportation to your destination. I have personally ridden on an easyJet flight and found it to be okay, but I can see how many people would dislike that they have to pay extra for services. It also scored very low on the claim processing scale, which is also an issue.

Kuwait Airways

Coming in at 70th on the list with a total score of 5.4/10 is Kuwait Airlines. While this airline has a relatively low claim processing score, it actually has a pretty high rating when it comes to service quality: 7.9/10. Unfortunately, the score that really killed it in the rankings is on-time performance, which is just 4.2/10. The number one way to make airline customers angry is to have a flight delay, so it is understandable that such a low on-time rating could contribute to such negative views of the airline overall.

Korean Air

In 69th place is Korean Air, which has been in business since Y 1969. The service quality with this airline is very high, 8/10, but it, too, has issues with being on time. The main problem is the claim processing. This airline has the lowest ranking on the list when it comes to this customer service issue, with just 1.6/10. A low claim processing rating makes the airline look untrustworthy, which leads to a lower ranking overall.


Ryanair is another low-cost airline that offers deep discounts in exchange for fewer in-flight services. The Irish airline was founded in Y 1984, and has been providing some good deals ever since. Unfortunately, though, it only has a 6.5/10 when it comes to on-time performance, 6.8/10 when it comes to service quality and a very low 3.5/10 when it comes to claim processing.

By Jessica Scott

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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