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The Waldorf Astoria is has Turned into Luxe Residences, Take an Exclusive 1st Look at the Stunning Interiors


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WANY was born out of a family feud between William Waldorf Astor and John Jacob Astor IV, the legendary hotel has been closed since Y 2017 for a Top-to-bottom renovation by its new owners, China’s Dajia Insurance Group, which purchased it for $2-B in Y 2014. 

The most significant change is the creation of the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria, which will take up just over 50% of the building’s footprint atop the hotel when it reopens in Y 2022. There will be 375 new homes and 50,000 sqf of amenities in the residences, plus 375 keys and 100,000 sqf of amenities on the hotel side. 

Here a 1st look at the residences and the luxurious new amenities spaces open exclusively to residents and their guests. 

Courtesy Waldorf Astoria

Entering through the private residential porte-cochere and walking through the lobby, you might feel like you’re entering a palace with subtle nods to the building’s history.

Though the Waldorf-Astoria is 1 of the world’s most famous examples of Art Deco architecture, renowned Parisian designer Jean-Louis Deniot, who is responsible for the residences, insists he wanted to allude to that architectural typology without being too literal about it.

It gives you the impression of New York in the 1930s, but it’s a translation of it, because we are not living in the ‘30s anymore, so there is no reason to recreate something,” Deniot said adding, “It is all about the Waldorf DNA rather than the actual era.”

Courtesy Waldorf Astoria
Courtesy Waldorf Astoria

The subtle allusions to Art Deco continue into the apartments and amenities spaces, though Deniot describes the lines he used as “very sleek lines which could be slightly cubist.” Apartments range from gracious studios starting at $1.7-M to a nearly 3,000-sqf 4-bedroom penthouse starting at $18.5-M. For the layouts, Denoit combined the best of Parisian and American traditions, placing the rooms enfilade and creating American-style open kitchens with custom cabinetry crafted by Molteni&C. “It gives the impression that you are overlooking a very sexy bar, like a cigar bar, instead of having a functional kitchen. So it inspires people to have fun, pop a bottle of champagne,” Deniot says.

The luxe finishes continue into the bedrooms and bathrooms, which feature Italian marble, tile mosaics with a Waldorf-Astoria pattern, polished marble countertops, nickel fixtures, and mirrors with a backlit frame, which, according to Deniot, “gives that amazing glow that makes every woman look like a trillion dollars.

Residents will have exclusive access to 50,000 sqf of amenities, including a 25-meter pool, a wellness center with a gym and private spas for men and women, the lush winter garden, the presidential library, the grand salon, private dining room, wine tasting room, billiards room, children’s playroom, performance space, and co-working space. 

Courtesy Waldorf Astoria
Courtesy Waldorf Astoria

“The amenities are exactly the amenities you would find in a private castle,” says Deniot, who has ample experience designing private palaces in the Middle East and Europe. He wanted to give residents stunning spaces they will be proud to show off to friends and family and apartments they can adapt to their needs and taste. “You always have a winter garden in any palace, so you have a Winter garden which I did at the end of the pool,” he says, explaining that a ballroom was demolished to make way for the double-height pool, which was inspired by a Japanese kimono and Pompeii. 

Everywhere you look, the exquisite materials and attention to detail are meant to impress. You can just imagine the fabulous parties these spaces will host, they seem almost like film sets for a modern-day version of The Great Gatsby.

You have the impression that you will write amazing stories—you need great characters, you need people larger than life,” Deniot concludes. “It cannot be too conservative, it needs to have that sense of decadence, which the Waldorf Astoria was all about.”

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