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The Voter Backlash Against the Far-left Will be Brutal


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The presumed Democratic party’s nominee Joe Biden recently released “platform” he will run on, and reads like a “socialist manifesto“, and The burned out ‘Bern; Sanders is saying Sleepy Joe enthusiastically embraces the progressive agenda.  

Now, after months of self quarantine in his basement, Joe the Moderate has morphed into firebrand Che Guevara. 

Now comes Professor Helmut Norpoth, PhD a teacher of political science at Stony Brook University on Long Island with his outlook for November. And despite many polls saying Mr. Biden is ahead of President Trump, Dr. Norpoth is predicting that the President will win re-election with a 91% certainty. 

Dr. Norpoth is not interested in polls as they can and often are kinked.  He uses a “model” that has successfully called 5 of 6 Presidential elections since Y 1996.  

His model only missed the George W Bush (43) victory over Al Gore, which was decided by the Supreme Court. So, let’s say he is 100% in his work.

Dr. Norpoth not only says that Donald Trump will win, but predicts it will be a landslide with the President receiving 362 electoral votes.

Recall that President Trump won 304 EC votes in Y 2016. With more than 3 months until the vote he is a true believer in his work.  

He discounts all public opinion surveys and bases his conclusions on “enthusiasm” for each candidate. 

And bolstering the Trump Victory prognostication is a new poll done for The Sunday Express in London, England.  

The Sunday Express asked this Big Question: “Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?” 

The Big Answer: Donald Trump voters 77%, Joe Biden voters 43$. 

I do not believe the polls mean much until October, but this election has some outliers.

 The deep state has caused and is fostering deep fear due to The China Virus in many of The People, along with the social unrest spearheaded by the radical left.

Here is the Key point: Americans do not want violent crime causing blood in the streets.  

The overwhelming numbers of Americans do not support defunding the police, or approve of anarchists destroying our history and “occupying” public spaces.  

Most of us despise the “cancel culture” and the assault on freedom of speech by the fascists on the margin of society. 

President Trump is making his opposition to that stuff the central campaign issue. Mr. Biden is not. 

All of that and the experience that I have in politics over the past 50+ yrs brings me to believe there is a fierce backlash brewing against the radicals in our Republic, as Americans overall detest these people.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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