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The Virus: Global Vaccination Campaign Now May Create an “uncontrollable monster”


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The Big Q: Are COVID Shots Fueling Dangerous Mutations?

The Big A:When vaccines that do not provide strong immunity are overused, they allow some viruses to mutate in hazardous ways. COVID variants with measurably different behavior emerged in mid-December 2020, which coincides with the rollout of the 1st COVID shots.

While variants were identified in various areas before the shots were introduced in those same regions, vaccine makers were conducting large-scale trials on thousands of people in those areas well before the shots became available to the public, and before variants were detected

The COVID shots do not prevent infection or transmission, hence the variants created inside vaccinated individuals will spread.

This hypothesis was confirmed in a Y 2015 study, which found that “imperfect vaccination can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens”

Research shows fully vaccinated individuals who develop breakthrough infections with the Delta variant have the same viral loads as unvaccinated individuals infected with this virus, hence both groups can spread the infection to the same degree

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 74% of COVID-19 diagnoses in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between 6 July through 25 July 2021, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated.

The rise of COVID variants

The Backstory of the Delta Variant

The Delta variant (B.1.617.2) was 1st identified in India in early December 2020. While the COVID not were not rolled out in India until mid-January 2021, Phase 3 trials for Biotech’s Covaxin were initiated in Bharat, India, 16 November, 2020. By 22 December 2020, 22,500 volunteers had received the shot.

Note: The Indian government released Covaxin to the public before Phase 3 trials were completed and in the absence of any safety or efficacy data. According to some vaccinologists, the emergence of potentially more problematic variants following mass vaccination rollouts during an active pandemic is precisely what was expected.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche, whose resume includes work with GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, published an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), 6 March 2021.

In the letter, Dr. Bosche warned that implementing a global mass vaccination campaign during the height of the pandemic could create an “uncontrollable monster” where evolutionary pressure will force the emergence of new and potentially more dangerous mutations.

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