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The Vegan Society Grows


With 950 million vegans worldwide in 2016, many food chains and restaurants have introduced vegan options to accommodate for the now widely popular eating choice.

Veganism is now a trend, so it still remains on the high end of the budget when it comes to dining out. Something that may set a few back on being 100% committed.

The plant-based foods industry has gone from being a relatively niche market to fully mainstream. Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives are not just for vegetarians or vegans anymore; now even mainstream consumers are enjoying these delicious and innovative options in the market today. The new data confirms what we are hearing and seeing every day from our members: sales are up, investment is increasing, and new jobs are being created in the plant-based foods industry. –

Even those in the modelling industry, fitness industry and physique industry are turning towards vegan alternatives as they are capable of being lower in calories.

Veganism is considered to be a healthier lifestyle than that of those eating meat. But this is not necessarily true. Every body reacts different to different foods and some causes for vegans being healthier than meat eaters is the lifestyle around veganism. Vegans are more aware of what they eat and therefor will not only eat well, but exercise too.

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Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.