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The USA’s Outstanding Coffee Shops


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Traveling or working we all need a go-to coffee shop and need a roaster to can count on. Here are a few of the best but little known in America, have a look.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger, Los Angeles

Go Get ‘Em Tiger has locations in Larchmont and Los Feliz, and intends to establish a presence in the Arts District downtown and Highland Park. GGET is known for its almond macadamia latte. You can get the smooth almond macadamia milk in any GGET beverage, try it in the turmeric latte or iced chai.

Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club, San Francisco

 Trouble is a small shop filled with character. Go for the thick-cut toast with cinnamon, butter, and sugar, coconuts with a straw and spoon, and of course, a strong cup of java. Order a “Build Your Own Damn House,” which includes a piece of toast, a coconut, and a Cup of Trouble.

Nossa Familia Coffee, Portland

Nossa Familia Coffee roasts its coffee on-site, and sources beans directly from farmers in Latin America. The company’s founder, Augusto Carneiro, grew up in Rio de Janeiro and helped out at his grandfather’s coffee farm in the Brazil highlands during the Summer. He founded Nossa Familia Coffee to share his family’s coffee legacy.

Panther Coffee, Miami

With five Miami locations, Panther Coffee is “the place that basically intro’d Miamians to good coffee,” according to Bon Appetit. The shops are tastefully decorated, and the coffee means business.

The ELK, New York City

The décor of ELK is a nod to founder Claire Chan’s Vancouver roots. Serving single-origin pour-over, green juices, and espresso drinks, the ELK does the near-unthinkable: serving a luxury product at a price that is low for New York City.

Gimme! Coffee, Brooklyn

Based out of Ithaca, NY, Gimme! Coffee has a home in Williamsburg, serving up their small batch coffee roasted upstate. They recently upgraded the space to accommodate the growing demand for perfect drip coffee and made-with-love espresso drinks.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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