The US To Reassess its Trade with China in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

The US To Reassess its Trade with China in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

The US and the West cannot be dependent upon China for Key pharmaceuticals, President Trump’s policies are changing that and bring the API and medical equipment manufacturing home.

Thursday, Fred Fleitz, the President of the Center for Security Policy, told the press that the US must make “some very serious demands on China” regarding the spread of the coronavirus and future trade between the 2 countries.

“I think we are seeing decisive leadership by the president, a very strong team led by Vice President Pence, these daily press briefings are reassuring the American people,” he said. “He is taking very decisive action, and we simply can’t play down the significance of the President’s decision on January 31 to cut off flights to the US from China. I hate to think of the crisis our country would be in right now if that had not happened, and look, I got to mention Joe Biden condemned that step as xenophobic, and god help us if Joe Biden was in the White House right now, how bad the situation would be.

He added that “we are gonna have to have some very serious demands on China to close these wet markets that are repeatedly a source of dangerous viruses, the Chinese leadership knew about this but didn’t close them. And I think the United States is going to have to reassess its trading relationship with China, whether we are going to continue to outsource important technologies and products such as pharmaceuticals that China’s actually threatened to withhold to punish this government for criticizing China’s role in this crisis.

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