The US Has Grown a Very Strong Economy, President Trump ‘Owns It’

The US Has Grown a Very Strong Economy, President Trump ‘Owns It’

Last month President Trump went to Wisconsin late, there he boasted about the state’s unemployment rate, which has been at or near 3% for more than a year. “It’s never been this low before. Ever, ever, ever,” he said.

That is true, and it is a message that strikes home with people who live paycheck to paycheck.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Because, it is way better than it was a few years ago after scores were laid off and all the jobs went to Mexico.

Now for many if not most, the new jobs cover the bills and pay good overtime. There are even a few Greenbacks extra now, which are credited to President Trump’s Tax Cut.

Now, as 21 candidates compete to become the Democratic Party’s nominee in Y 2020, President Trump is running on the strongest economy of any President seeking re-election since Richard Nixon in Y 1972.

Job creation is strong and last month the unemployment rate dipped to its lowest point in 50 years at 3.6%, and there are a few million jobs waiting to be fill, people are training for them.

These strong financial numbers emboldens President Trump, as we saw last week when he adopted a tough stance on trade with China, and he imposed steep new tariffs Friday.

President Trump is confident the economy can withstand any retaliatory action from China.

It is true that farmers and manufacturers in this region are among those that could to be hurt by increased tariffs on American goods. But President Trump as those answers too.

This strong economy is expected to grow stronger, and is President Trump’s best argument as travels the ‘Path to Victory’ in Y 2020, as the Electoral College run right through the State of Wisconsin.

The message is this: a thriving economy leaves Democrats very vulnerable when coupled with Republicans’ laser attacks on their rivals as radicals who hold extreme positions on healthcare, abortion and climate change.

That being the case, whatever people do not like about our President personally, those who see a strong, stable economy benefiting their lives, Republicans, Democrats and Independents will send him back to the Oval Office for 4 More Year in Y 2020.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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