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The US Economy is in a “Strong Rebound”


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President Trump’s Top economic adviser said Sunday the economy remains in “a strong rebound” even as Americans learn to “deal with” the coronavirus.

In a TV interview Larry Kudlow argued in favor of a new stimulus bill even as he praised the conclusion of medical experts that “focused protection” can get nation through the medical emergency chaos.

He added, a national economic recovery will not necessarily need a stimulus.

When asked about Fed Chairman Powell’s call last week for more government spending to protect the recovery.

It’s just getting Americans through a difficult period of time,” Mr. Kudlow said. “I do not want to parse, but I do not think the recovery is dependent on it.”

The US will post strong economic growth in the 3rd and 4th Quarters, he said, bouncing back from the historic dive in the 2nd Quarter.

We are are in a strong rebound,” He asserted. “Lower taxes and lower regulations going way back are still in place and businesses are reopening.”

We are learning to deal with the virus in a targeted safe preventative way. … some targeted assistance would go a long way right now,” he said.

Mr. Kudlow cited the conclusion of a group of UK and US experts who encourage “focused protection” instead of lockdowns.

5,000 experts just signed a petition led by people from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford University,” he said. “These are scientists, these are doctors, healthcare workers who say we can deal with this virus going on while we are getting new therapies… new vaccines.”

As long as we protect the most vulnerable, as long as we preserve the Key guidelines, yes, we can get through this,” he said. “We are not going to shut down the whole economy. There is no reason for that. We will take care of the vulnerable. That is the Key point.”

Mr. Kudlow asserted “there will be masks” and social distancing at upcoming rallies held by President Trump.

There will be masks at these rallies,” he said. “There will be social distancing at these rallies. There will be appropriate testing… Most of all we have to stick to the hygiene issues, washing your hands and face and so forth. These things can be done. We can do that.”rallies,

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