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The Trump Economy is the Best in 50 Years

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The US economy made a dramatic comeback after many years of unemployment and war.” — Paul Ebeling

President Trump’s promised rollback of the tax and regulatory schemes implemented from Y 1993 until he was elected, he did triggering the best US economy in 50+ yrs

Below are 10 facts since President Trump was elected that prove this is the best overall economy in more than 50 yrs:

  1. Employment: Confirmed that this is the best labor market since Y 1969 with low unemployment, more jobs and rising wages.
  2. GDP: President Trump is the 1st President to have GDP consistently higher than 3%, President Barack Hussein Obama was only the President to fail to achieve 1 yr of 3% GDP growth.
  3. Wages: President Trump is the 1st President to improve wages in a generation where income is at an all-time high.   
  4. Stock Market: The US stock market has risen more than 40% since President Trump’s election.
  5. Gas and Fuel Prices: Gas prices are low in most US states that do not over-tax fuel with local and state taxes. Many states have $2.15/gal gasoline right now.
  6. Ethnic Employment Success: The employment success for all ethnicities is at record high. Hussein Obama had has a hard time creating jobs and many people gave up looking for work and were on the dole.
  7. Manufacturing Jobs: Manufacturing jobs are back in the US for the 1st time in a generation. President Trump created 284,000 manufacturing jobs in Y 2018 alone.  Millions of manufacturing jobs were lost during Hussein Obama’s 1st 2 yrs in office. Some 1 in 6 were lost between January 2008 and March 2010 and Hussein Obama never got those jobs back. And he actually told President Trump he could not, would not beable to bring those lost jobs back, he was wrong.
  8. Taxes and Regulatory: Corporate taxes were cut from 35% to 21%. America moved from worst tax system up to 1 of the most competitive in the world under President Trump’s 1st 2 yrs in office. Lower tax rates allow US companies to spend more money, buy more assets, pay more employee benefits, buy stock back to put money on Main Street and into state coffers, and even help pay better dividends to seniors who live paycheck to paycheck.
  9. Nasdaq: The NASDAQ stock market value finally exceeded the Y 1999 prices under President Trump. This says that companies were stagnant for 18 yrs until President Trump took office.
  10. Level the Playing Field: With a mixed bag of tax-code improvements, removal of red tape, new trade agreements, and competitive tariffs, the US economy is more insulated from failure. Even the Fed is willing to lower rates if other countries harm the US trading environment.

With lower taxes, more jobs, no war, and a strong stock market, the US is rebuild and maintain the economic boom started by President Trump.

After a generation of war and unemployment problems plus the China virus induced instant recession earlier this year, it is possible that the US can have lasting prosperity if it continues to utilize common-sense economic strategies, but the youth of our country must pay the $10-T of new debt created by Hussein Obama.

Because of technology and other efficient systems, inflation remains low.

The Fed in this new era seems to unilaterally create artificial inflation rather than slow it down.

Thus, we are in a new paradigm of The Trump Era and we are now competing with the other 180+ countries around the world as the most business friendly super power.

The Big Q: Can the economy blow up again?

The Big A: Yes if there is a combination of forces of debt, lower productivity, higher taxes, higher interest rates, lower foreign investment, and less spending.

The biggest problem is paying unfunded liabilities and the debt created by Hussein Obama. Thus, the only way out of his mess is to continue to create jobs, get people off of public assistance by allowing great jobs to be created, create more government revenue through lower taxes on a larger group of new producers, and lower the costs of running government.

“Without question, the Trump economy pre-the-pandemic crisis was unbelievable successful and its speedy recovery since then, we make another page in history. All indications are that once a covid-19 vaccine is proven which is on the horizon and quickly becoming a reality, the business gates will again flow with an abundance of high performance statistics like no other recovery in US. You can say whatever you want about Trump as a person and his tweaking but you can not deny the fortunes of his business acumen under his watch as President and his determination to restoring America’s image in the World as an industrial power. 

The question is what comes next if he is able to gain re-election and get control of both Houses of Government, not just the Senate. Some people think that a Conservative Court is bad for the Country. My opinion is that it is not for we must stop destructive street demonstration and institute more police reform. At the same time we must gain equality and opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, gender or creed.

We must return to a Nation where there is an opportunity for all, not just a few of the more privileged.

Let’s continue with the demand for less taxes, tariff benefits for our domestic products forcing companies to return to the slogan: Made in America, by the American workers, and better education too. Let’s also keep and enhance our energy opportunities as an exporter, let the dollar continue to fall so that our exports can again be competitive in the World and control our immigration policies so that the opportunity becomes focused on the American worker and real income can again been a focus of our Government. Yes, we can do it again for we are inexhaustible in our determination and energies, but in the price tag, make it for all of our people as the foundation was built by our forefathers. 

So, let’s forget the Trump personality and his constant, Warrior tweeting for one can not underscore our pre-covid accomplishments. The train is at the station so let’s ALL get aboard for its engine are ready for more successes,says Bruce WD Barren, Chairman of The EMCO/ Hanover Group.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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