The Trump Administration’s Border Moves are Working

The Trump Administration’s Border Moves are Working

President Trump and his administration has taken a lot of heat for the policies put in place to stem illegal immigration and border crossings, and the moves are working.

A new report cites government data for border arrests, which dropped to 51,000 in August, a 60% decrease from a high in May.

“What the numbers show is that the United States’ threats and bullying of other countries have been effective in getting other countries to increase their enforcement efforts, but that the numbers don’t reflect any real change in the situation of the Northern Triangle countries of Central America,” Washington Office on Latin America Director Maureen Meyer said.

Credit the deal President Trump cut with Mexico in June to crack down on their own southern border, which helped send a message to migrants seeking asylum in the US that it is “not as easy as they were told it was going to be,” Martha Bárcena, the Mexican Ambassador to the US said.

People know that if they come into Mexico, they have to respect the Mexican law,” she added.

Chicago-based pro-migrant group Alianza Americas Executive Director agrees forcing the hand of Mexico has worked to stop migration.

“I think that they are getting exactly what they said they would get, by forcing the hand of Mexico,”its spokesman said. “But the question is, ‘Is it sustainable?'”

According to the report, Mexico will press Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence to process asylum claims faster during a Tuesday meeting with Mexican officials, including Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

Asylum seekers have been gathering in Mexico as The Trump Administration has forced them to wait there as opposed to the US.

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