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The Trump Administration Cut Aid to Central American Nations


Monday, President Trump’s Administration cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, after President Trump blasted the 3 countries because thousands of their citizens had sought asylum at the US border with Mexico.

US lawmakers who opposed the plan said it is cruel to cut off aid to countries grappling with hunger and crime and that the move would be counterproductive because it would more likely increase the number of migrants than decrease it.

Congressional aides said The Trump Administration told them it would reallocate $370-M in aid to Central America that lawmakers had approved for FY 2018, and suspend an additional $180-M Congress had approved for FY 2017.

All of the money for those years has not yet been spent.

The Trump Administration said in March it would cut aid to the Central American countries after the President expressed unhappiness with the their immigration policies.

No funds will be provided until The Trump Administration is satisfied the countries are reducing the number of migrants reaching the US border, a State Department spokeswoman told reporters.

“This is consistent with the President’s direction and with the recognition that it is critical that there be sufficient political will in these countries to address the problem at its source,” she said.

She added: “Working with Congress, we will reprogram those funds to other priorities as appropriate.”

A US official, with knowledge of plans, said The Trump Administration would review the funding by April 2020.

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