Alrosa’s ‘The Spirit Of The Rose’ 14.83-Carat Purple-Pink Diamond to Auction

Alrosa’s ‘The Spirit Of The Rose’ 14.83-Carat Purple-Pink Diamond to Auction


This gem is the real thing, an ultra-rare purple-pink diamond weighing 14.83 carats. The Spirit of the Rose is going up for sale later this year by Russian diamond mining company, Alrosa (ALRS.ME)

Spirit of the Rose pink diamond
The Spirit of the Rose 14.83-carat Fancy Vivid Purple-pink diamond going up for sale this year by Alrosa

The magnificent oval-shaped diamond was cut from a pink rough almost 2X its size in original format.

The Gemological Institute of America (GMI) was responsible for grading the diamond after cutting, and rated it as Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink and internally flawless.  

It is also the largest stone of its intense purple-pink hue that the GIA has ever graded. It is estimated that only one of every 10,000 rough diamonds mined on Earth are classified as fancy colored. 

GIA’s Chief Quality Officer, says “In the world of colored diamonds, pink diamonds are some of the most treasured and have been forever throughout history. They’re extremely rare and especially in large sizes. It is unusual to see pink diamonds in the market larger than 1 carat today.” He further noted that the size and color of this stone is exceptional, “To also be internally flawless makes it a truly unique stone.” 

According to Alrosa, the oval shape of The Spirit of the Rose, enabled the diamond cutters to achieve the maximum possible size from the rough stone. The dozens of facets in the oval help to show off the rose hue. 

Alrosa, The spirit of the rose pink diamond
The original rough, named Nijinsky after the dancer in the ballet The Spirit of the Rose, was mined by Alrosa in northeast Russia and weighed just under 28 carats. 

The expected price at auction $60,000,000.

Stay tuned…

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