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The Result of the Medical Malpractice Lockdown is the Disaster

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Those saying we had to sacrifice the economy to save lives have succeeded in only the former, The Wall Street Journal writes in a scathing rebuke of lockdowns at all costs amid the global C-19 coronavirus chaos.

The tradeoff isn’t between lives and livelihoods,” WS-Jeditorial board concluded. “The policy goal has to be to protect both as much as possible.

Deploy more personal protective equipment, greatly increase testing, build surge capability to handle flare-ups, and isolate society’s most vulnerable to keep hospitals from getting overwhelmed.

But for heaven’s sake reopen the economy so we do not consign millions to years of poverty.

The op-ed was in response to those denouncing a past call back on 19 March, “Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown,” when the shutdowns were just beginning.

Well, after Friday’s horrific jobs report, how do you like the shutdown now?” the WS-J wrote. “The people who said we have to sacrifice the economy to crush the virus have succeeded in the former even as the virus will be with us for many more months or longer.”

The WS-J shared President Trump’s belief, “Americans need to work to make a living, and they want to work,” and the attempt by the Democrats to “blame President Trump for the economic pain” will be another failure.

It is important to stress that the strict lockdowns were a government policy choice,” the WS-J wrote. “But the damage is done, and our focus is not on recriminations. The issue is what to do now, and the public is wise enough to know that public health cannot be sustained without a healthy economy.

“Americans can see the destruction all around them. They know the virus will be with us for a long time unless there is a vaccine, so we have to learn to live with it and have a functioning economy.

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