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The People Who ‘Hate’ President Trump Have Turned the Virus National Emergency into a Political ‘Football’


Just In: House Dems are said to be putting together a “9/11-style commission” where they will be investigating President Trump’s response to the coronavirus. This is shocking considering America is focused on beating the deadly disease and they cant get investigations out of their minds.

The people who hate Donald Trump are using this worldwide health crisis to try to make sure that he does not win a 2nd term in November.

They are the Democrat ‘Squad’ members Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, who rail against the GOP every day and pretend that conservatives want people to die from this illness.

They are not alone in blaming The Trump Administration for putting out false information, and pointing their hatred at the White House for the rising infections and deaths.

CNN and MSNBC have accused the President of telling people to buy pool-cleaner chemicals and ingest them as a preventative measure against COVID-19. Silly!

The President and his virus task force are only interested in making sure sick people get better, and healthy people stay healthy.

The team that President Trump gathered include Doctors Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx, should give all Americans comfort that the right people are a driving force with President Trump to win this War.

Tune out the Noise!

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Have a healthy day, stay home!

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