The People See a New Donald Trump Emerging

The People See a New Donald Trump Emerging

President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has displayed a positive side of him that many had not acknowledged before, political commentator Dick Morris said Sunday.

Mr. Morris said that “people are seeing a Donald Trump they have not seen before” and argued that “he does not act like Trump usually does. He does not take shots at people. He does not set up polarizing debates. He had not hogged the stage. He listens to his experts, clearly.

Mr. Morris, who was a political advisor to President Clinton before returning to the Republican Party in Y 2011, said this has created “a big change in the way the voters view” the President and has served as “an amazing boost to Donald Trump’s electability.”

Mr. Morris predicted that if the worst-case scenario does not develop and instead the virus fades by May and the economy bounces back, it “will produce the biggest presidential victory in modern times” for President Trump.

He contended that “the Presidency forces people to grow. I believe Trump has grown new abilities and new talents and, frankly, new wisdom.”

He said this contrasts sharply to the “disappearance” of likely Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Mr. Morris said President Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “have literally sucked up all the oxygen in the room. It’s so interesting to see the disappearance of Joe Biden, and, frankly, the disappearance of the Democratic candidates for the President.”

Mr. Morris said, “that there is no way that Biden can be defeated at the Democratic convention or that Cuomo can mount a challenge. Legally, the delegates that have been selected are bound to Biden and have to vote for him as long as he wants them to vote for him.”

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