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The Paths to ‘herd immunity’ are Natural Infection or Vaccination

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The novel coronavirus chaos has brought “herd immunity” to the public’s view, triggering hope the phenom will help slow or end the outbreak.

Herd immunity refers to a large portion of a community developing a degree of immunity to a virus, thereby reducing person-to-person spread.

As a result, the whole community gains protection, not just those who are immune.

There are 2 paths to herd immunity: natural infection or vaccination.

Natural infection refers to when a large number of people have had a disease and recovered. But, the extent of protection via natural infection is unknown with this China virus. And more people would die while waiting for herd immunity than if a vaccine was produced.

The risk is not acceptable,” said Catherine Bennett, epidemiology Chairwoman in the Faculty of Health at Melbourne’s Deakin University. “We cannot afford to have people infected to reach herd immunity when we know so little about the longer-term effects.”

Vaccination can provide widespread immunity faster and more reliably.

There is no vaccine for C-19 yet for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus – though trials at different stages are underway around the world. Vaccine makers hope to compress the timeline for C-19 through faster trials and by manufacturing at scale even before products have proved successful.

President Trump say now within a few week the US makers will have FDA approvals.

Experts say if no other measures are taken, herd immunity could kick in when 50% to 70% of a population gains immunity through vaccination. The precise level depends on the vaccine’s efficacy rate, which experts say will be 70% at best.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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