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The ‘OMAD’ Diet is Here


FLASH: OMAD is the acronym for “one meal a day,” it involves eating all your nutrients in a 1-hr time frame, with nothing more other than calorie-free beverage options, for the remaining 23 hrs per day.

The OMAD diet is an extreme form of intermittent fasting (or 16/8), and involves eating all your nutrients in a 1-hr time frame daily, with nothing else for the remaining 23 hours other than calorie-free beverage options.

The premise is that one will eat less, but proponents, like Estonian-born Siim Land, a high performance coach who’s gained attention on the internet with OMAD advice and recommendations, says weight drops off quicker, and people feel more satiated eating a smaller number of calories.

As a writer, blogger, life coach, social media personality and entrepreneur, Mr. Land says his goal is to create more content about optimizing “physiology, mindset and performance, a lot of bio-hacking, self-improvement and other life-hack types of stuff.”

He asserts there is much about fasting that is misunderstood, which makes some people dismiss the concept as simple starvation.

He makes makes 2 Key points, they are:

“Starvation is a severe deficiency in energy intake. The body doesn’t have access to essential nutrients and is slowly wasting away by cannibalizing its vital organs. Fasting is a state of metabolic suspension in which you’re not consuming any calories. Despite that, your body is still nourished and gets the energy it needs.”

He recommends a 1 to 5-day fast or calorie restriction, which will have beneficial rather than detrimental effects.

This is because unless someone is severely underweight, most people have enough stored energy to sustain them, and it in fact increases your metabolic rate by 14%.

While Mr. Land lists the potential benefits of an OMAD diet, beginning with rapid weight loss, scientific studies on the method are limited, and there are skeptics.

According to Refined29, “This OMAD pattern along with the stringent rules around when you can and cannot eat could easily harm your relationship to food and eating long term.” 


“Although you’re technically ‘allowed to’ eat whatever you want during this one meal, you are still eating way fewer calories (which are units of energy) than you would typically need in a day …

People claim the OMAD diet speeds up weight loss, and is extremely convenient, especially in the Summertime when you are traveling a lot. But, like many internet-famous diet trends, this should come with a massive disclaimer that it’s not for everyone, and probably will do more harm than good.”

Medical News Today notes that 1 reason OMAD is so popular is that you do not need “cheat days” because nothing is off the table, and counting calories is unnecessary.

But, some information from nutritionists and medical experts regarding both intermittent fasting and the OMAD in particular is erroneous, which confuses things.

Mr. Land says he has studied this in detail, and he says he is trying to clear that up. His book, ‘Metabolic Autophagy‘ covers such topics as intermittent fasting, the OMAD diet and promoting longevity.

When on this diet eat only Real Food!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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