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The New Lindt Home of Chocolate is Open, Take the Tour


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On 13 September iconic Swiss chocolate brand Lindt opened the doors of the new Lindt Home of Chocolate, a glimmering space entirely dedicated to the history and production of 1 of Switzerland’s most delicious exports.

It is no surprise that Lindt (OTCPink:LDSVF), a brand whose story begins in a confectionary shop in Zurich in Y 1845, is the 1 to create this 1-off attraction.

It is not only a celebration of Lindt’s revolutionary approach to chocolate, but of Swiss culture, as Switzerland is famous for its history of chocolate pioneers.

Located in the Kilchberg suburb of Zurich, the Lindt Home of Chocolate functions as a museum, a Lindt café, a chocolate store, a research facility, and a chocolateria, the interior is 65,000 sqf of stunning design and decor. The structure was also designed to beautifully compliment the historic Lindt and Sprüngli factory, which dates back to the late 19th Century.

The building was designed by Basel-based firm Christ & Gantenbein and features a stunning, curved exterior and a light, airy interior.

Visitors can explore interactive exhibitions to learn about the origins of chocolate, as well as the fascinating production process. Those who wish to take chocolate classes can head to the chocolateria to make their own creations for the chance to become a Lindt Master Chocolatier in training.

And there is ample opportunity to shop at the largest Lindt chocolate shop, and see the biggest chocolate fountain in the world, it stands at over 30 ft tall.

Get ready for the chocolate experience of a lifetime, take the tour.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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