The Many Benefits of Magnesium

The Many Benefits of Magnesium

The Many Benefits of Magnesium

  • Magnesium (Mg) is essential for mitochondrial ATP production.

A supplement that is helpful for sleep is magnesium.

There are dozens of different types of magnesium supplements.

Magnesium threonate has the added benefit of providing some antiretroviral activity, and retroviruses tend to be a challenge inherent with many neurodegenerative diseases. Threonate is also a neurotransmitter, in addition to being an amino acid, super for our brains.

To avoid creating an imbalance, it’s wise to alternate between different forms of magnesium. Some experts prefers magnesium malate because malic acid is a Krebs citric acid cycle intermediate and actually helps generate more ATP energy.

If you are deficient in malic acid inside the cell and you take a magnesium malate, the malic acid is drawn into the interior of the mitochondria and will drag the magnesium in with it.

Without a doubt, magnesium is essential for mitochondrial ATP production.

About 50% of the metabolic enzymes in the human body require magnesium as a co-factor, so it is a really important nutrient. It’s also required for conduction of nerve impulses and the contraction-relaxation cycle of muscles, including the heart muscle.

Further, there is compelling evidence suggesting magnesium may reduce the impacts and side effects of EMF exposure.

Importantly, if we do have enough magnesium, our body also cannot absorb potassium.

Dr. Lee Cowden, co-founder of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM), discusses some really simple and inexpensive strategies that boost brain health and support neuroregeneration he explains: “If a person is deficient in magnesium and potassium both, you can give them potassium in large amounts on an ongoing basis, and their potassium levels never come up. But if you give them magnesium and get it repleted, and then give them potassium, then their potassium levels come up.

That’s because the kidney tubules selectively hold on to magnesium and waste potassium into the toilet in order to retain the magnesium. Because, apparently, the body sees the magnesium as being a more vital nutrient than potassium.

One more thing. A lot of people in the United States are on some form of diuretic medication, either for blood pressure, swelling of their legs or for some other reason. When you take a diuretic, it has a magnesium- and potassium-wasting effect on the kidneys. They’re wasting both magnesium and potassium into the toilet. But most doctors only give potassium. They don’t give the magnesium.”

So, diet is Key and sugar, damaged omega-6 oils, trans fats and processed vegetable oils need to be avoided.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively.


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