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The ‘Man in the Street’ Believes 30-M People Died From C-19 Coronavirus in the US


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From macing someone to carrying 6-ft canes to enforce social distancing to having meltdowns of every type imaginable, people terrified of the C-19 coronavirus are taking it upon themselves to judge and police those they believe are not complying with the C-19 coronavirus rules.

They may be “off” when it comes to the enforcement efforts, but when it comes to understanding the actual case and mortality rates, they are WAY off. They are fear mongering Nutters!

For example, when polled they said they believed that nearly 9% of the US population, or 30-M people, have died from C-19 coronavirus.

In reality, at the time the source video was done, the death count was at 155,000 from and with the virus. They also overestimated the number of cases by a factor of 20X. In Britain, people thought 5-M people had died from and with it when in fact fewer than 50,000 had died.

The ignorance of the real truths “are nothing short of stunning,” according to Franklin Templeton, who conducted a similar study for Franklin Templeton-Gallup.

For example, Americans believe people aged 44 and younger account for about 30% of total deaths, the actual figure is 2.7%

Do not be afraid, get the facts, tune out the noise and avoid all Nutters!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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